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The Lodge Redevelopment and Concrete Batching Plant | June 2023 to Late 2024

The Lodge, Boreham Way. Surrounding streets Digby Drive and Kitson Street. Batching Plant, near Train Shed, south of Oliver Hill Railway.

Works and service improvements are conducted periodically across Rottnest Island

A range of projects are also currently underway to refresh and revitalise Rottnest Island facilities. These works aim to enhance the visitor experience and to preserve the island long term.

Please refer to this list for updates on works taking place and how they may impact your visit.

For further information on planning your visit to the island, visit

Last updated: 22 April 2024

Commencing: June 2023

Completion: 2024

Noise and additional vehicle movements may occur during The Lodge redevelopment works.

The route vehicles will take has been planned to ensure minimal disruption to visitors and the environment; however, Boreham Way is closed with access to contractors only with no public access.. Increased traffic is also to be expected along Digby Drive, Brand Way, Parker Point Road and surrounding the aerodrome site.

Vehicles involved in the works will be travelling during construction hours, Monday - Saturday.

Public access remains open on Kiston Street, Digby Drive and surrounding Garden Lake.