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Driving Applications

How to apply to drive on Rottnest Island for work purposes.
Apply for a permit to drive on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island

With the exception of approved public transport, facilities management, and staff and contractor vehicles, Wadjemup is a predominantly car-free environment.

For situations where a car or other vehicle on Rottnest Island may be required, here’s how to apply for a driving permit on the island.

Included on this page

Guidelines for driving on Rottnest Island

Guidelines are available below to assist you in preparing to apply for a permit to drive on the island.  Please read the information carefully before applying for a Driving Permit. 

Permitted uses

Driving on Wadjemup is only permitted for a few specific reasons. These include:

  1. Work purposes
  2. Research purposes
  3. Volunteering on Rottnest Island in an official capacity
  4. Use of the mobility assistance buggy
  5. Special events

Driver induction

Before you apply for a Driving Permit, you must undertake a Driving Induction Quiz online. This quiz provides a series of questions and scenarios for you to respond to in order to ensure your suitability for driving on the island.

You must attain a minimum pass level of 80 per cent in order to apply for a Driving Permit. If you fail to meet the minimum 80 per cent pass, you will receive an email within four working days advising you that you need to retake the quiz and submit a new application.

There is no limit to how many times you can take the quiz. 

    Driving hours

    You are only permitted to drive between 6 am and 6 pm for approved work purposes. This is to preserve the quokka population who are predominantly nocturnal, and generally more active at night.


    Overnight parking is permitted at designated locations. You can find these in your Driving Information Pack.

    Monitoring your vehicle

    As part of the commitment to safety for visitors, workers, and the island’s animal inhabitants, each licensed and approved road vehicle is fitted with an In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS). This provides Rottnest Island Authority with data and footage of vehicle usage and driving behaviour. 

    If you bring a vehicle to Wadjemup, it will be fitted with a temporary IVMS for the duration of your stay.


    How to apply for a driving permit

    • Download, read, and understand the guidelines in the Driving Information Pack.
    • Complete the online Induction Quiz & Driving Permit Application. You must attain a minimum pass level of 80 per cent.
    • Allow four working days for your application to be reviewed.
    • If approved, your permit to drive will be emailed to your nominated email address.

    How to apply to bring a vehicle to the island

    Frequently asked questions

    Wadjemup follows the same road rules as mainland Western Australia. Any differences in speed limits or other changes will be signposted on the roads.
    Driving without a permit is strictly forbidden. Anyone found driving without a permit will receive a penalty and eviction from the island. 
    The number of vehicles on Wadjemup is strictly regulated to ensure the safety of all island users, and the protection of its environment and assets. If you do require a vehicle to be brought onto the island, you must make an application at least five working days prior to the vehicle coming to the island, using the online form here.