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Hire a Boat Pen or Mooring

How to secure a boat pen, beach pen, jetty pen, or swing moorings for your trip.
Find the right bay, beach, or boat pen to secure your boat

Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is a truly exceptional sight when you see it from out on the water. But it’s not just a matter of piloting your boat over, setting anchor, and settling in. You need to book your spot in advance. There are a wide range of boat pens, beach pens, jetty pens, and swing moorings available for hire, that allow you to safely moor your boat overnight.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you can secure your boat pen or mooring.

Included on this page

Beach pens

Mooring your boat at a beach pen is a truly iconic Rottnest Island boating experience.

Where to find them

There are 25 Mediterranean-style Bathurst beach pens ready for hire on the north Thomson Bay beachfront, which are suitable for boats up to 7.5 metres with a very shallow draft.

Check out the moorings map to see what’s available for booking.

How to book a beach pen

Booking a beach pen is quick and easy, and can be done up to 100 days in advance. But be sure to get in early, as they can fill up fast.

  • Head to the online booking system.
  • Add in your boat registration details.
  • Find an available beach pen.
  • Book your mooring.

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before you book.

Jetty pens

If you’re bringing a lot of luggage onto the island, or you just don’t want to walk far, a jetty pen is the perfect location to moor your boat overnight.

Where to find them

Thomson Bay has pens located along Fuel Jetty, Hotel Jetty, and Stark Jetty that are available for booking.

Take a look at the moorings map to see where they are in relation to everything else.

Fuel Jetty

Fuel Jetty is located just south of the main ferry jetty. Here you’ll find:

  • Two small pens, available for boats up to 7.5 m long.
  • 10 large pens, for vessels 12 m – 16 m long.
  • Several larger pens that can accommodate yachts.
  • Two 20-minute designated set-down / pick-up zones. One is adjacent to the fuel pumps, with the other at the multi-level landing platform.

Download the  Fuel Jetty Boat Pens and Services map for more information.

Hotel Jetty

You’ll find Hotel Jetty south of Fuel Jetty, directly opposite Hotel Rottnest. Here you’ll find:

  • Six pens for boats up to 8 m long.
  • A 20-minute designated set down/pick-up zone at the T-section of the jetty.

Boats can also tie up to mooring points along either side of the jetty, closer to the beach. These spaces are only available between 6 am and 12 midnight, not overnight.

In addition to the jetty pens, vessels can tie up to mooring points along either side of the Hotel Jetty closer to the beach for a maximum two-hour stay between 6 am and 12 midnight. Note: The ‘T’ section of the jetty is a 20-minute only set-down / pick-up zone.

Stark Jetty

The smallest of the island’s jetties, Stark Jetty can be found just north of the main jetty, and includes: 

  • Five pens for boats up to 7.5 m long.
  • Mooring points along the northern side where boats can tie up.

Any boats using this jetty need a minimum of four lines, long enough to secure your boat from each quarter.

Be aware that boating is prohibited on the south side of the jetty, as this is a designated swimming area.

Use caution when mooring at Stark Jetty, as the water depth can get to less than one metre at low tide.

How to book a jetty pen

Booking a jetty pen is just as simple as booking any other mooring. However, limited spots are available, so be sure to reserve your mooring in advance.

  • Head to our online booking system.
  • Add in your boat registration details.
  • Find an available jetty pen.
  • Book your mooring.

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before you book.

What do I need to bring?

Mooring lines aren’t provided at any of our jetty pens, so please remember to bring your own ropes to secure your boat.

Swing moorings

A swing mooring lets you find your spot along the coast, tie up, and spend a night offshore under the stars.

Where to find them

Swing moorings are located along the coast around Thomson Bay, Geordie Bay, and Longreach Bay.

  • Thomson Bay has 33 moorings, for boats from 8 m to 40 m long.
  • Geordie Bay has four moorings for boats from 8 m to 40 m long.
  • Longreach Bay has four moorings for boats from 8 m to 14 m long.

To find them, keep an eye out for the green floats with a pickup rope. Our moorings map can show you where they are.

How to book a swing mooring

It’s easy to book a swing mooring. You can book up to 100 days in advance, giving you more opportunity to secure your spot.

  • Head to the online booking system.
  • Add in your boat registration details.
  • Find an available swing mooring.
  • Book your mooring.

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before you book.


Frequently asked questions

It is easy to book a swing mooring or jetty pen.

  • To book online, visit the mooring bookings page.
  • To book by phone, call (+61) 1800 111 111 during business hours (8:30 am to 5 pm AWST, Monday to Friday).

Bookings can be made up to 100 days before your visit. It is best to arrange your mooring early to avoid missing out.

You can only moor your boat where you are authorised to do so. Unauthorised use of a mooring will result in a penalty.

The coloured buoys indicate the four different types of mooring available.

  • Green. These are moorings that can be hired for daily use, from 10 am.
  • Yellow. These are private licensed moorings, part of the Shared Mooring System. Only boats that have the appropriate permit sticker may use these moorings.
  • White. These are emergency moorings for approved vessels only.
  • Red. The mooring buoy on Kingston Reef in Thomson Bay is a courtesy mooring for daytime use. It has a two-hour limit, and the maximum boat length is 24 metres. There are also five courtesy beach pens in Geordie Bay. 

The best course of action is to call the boat owner and request for the boat to be removed.

During casual mooring use, skippers must remain contactable and can only leave their boat for up to 20 minutes when required. They must display their contact phone number while away from the boat.

If you cannot reach them, contact the Rottnest Island Rangers on (+61 8) 9372 9788.

The Fuel Jetty enables round-the-clock access to diesel and unleaded petrol, seven days a week. It is a self-service facility, but you can call (+61) 439 964 858 or contact the Visitor Centre if you need assistance.

Drinkable water is available from the Geordie Bay Jetty and Thomson Bay Fuel Jetty, and small amounts of LPG can be purchased from the Geordie Bay General Store

You can find more information in the Marine Maps  section, in the Marine and Boating Guide, or you can find their locations using the interactive map.