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The permit requirements and fees for holding an event on the island.
What you need to know when planning an event on Wadjemup

With its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and mild weather, Wadjemup is a sought-after location for events of all types and sizes. However, given its unique and sensitive natural environment and wildlife, and its designation as a Class A Reserve, there are some specific rules and regulations that must be followed when holding an event on the island.

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Does your event need approval?

Under Regulation 53 of the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988, all events held in public spaces on the island require approval.

Events that need approval are generally larger events, and include:

  • Formal gatherings or ceremonies held in a public area
  • Weddings and parties
  • Spectator and sporting events
  • Public meetings within the island’s boundaries
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate events and team building activities

Activities like a family picnic, barbeque with friends, or a game of beach cricket do not require approval.

Event approval checklist

If you’re unsure whether or not your event needs an application, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does any part of your event take place in public areas such as on roads, lawns, trails, or beaches? If yes, you need to apply for approval.
  • Does your event have the potential to disrupt the public or visitor experience on the island? If yes, you need to apply for approval.
  • Is your event fully contained within an island venue? If yes, you don’t need to apply for approval.

How to apply for an event permit

Here is how to apply to hold an event on Wadjemup.

  • Read the Event Planning Guide before applying for a permit.
  • Fill out an Event Application Form. Provide any additional permits, if required. See the Event Planning Guide for more information.
  • Submit your application. All event applications can be sent to [email protected].
  • We then conduct an assessment of your event, and may ask for further information to ensure it’s acceptable to be held on the island. This includes your capability as an organiser to safely deliver your event. 
  • We provide conditional approval for your event. If approved, you will then need to provide us with all necessary plans and insurances, including:
    • Traffic Management Plan
    • Safety Management Plan (inclusive of emergency response)
    • Medical Plan
    • Emergency Management Plan
    • Aquatic Plan (if applicable)
    • Events Operations Plan
    • Waste Management and Clean-Up Plan
    • Site Plan Risk Management Plan
  • We begin the event planning process together.

Download the application form

Event permit lead times

Depending on the size of your event, your application must be submitted within the following times:

  • Under 200 people: Three months lead time
  • 200-500 people: Six months lead time
  • Over 500 people: 12 months lead time


Prices are correct as of 1 July 2023 and are subject to change.

Event application fee: $258
Licence fee: From $516

Full-day community hire: $2,581
Half-day community hire: $1,807
Bump in/out days: $774

Given its size, Wadjemup Oval has different fees for commercial hire.
Full-day commercial hire: $10,325
Half-day commercial hire: $7,228
Full-day community hire: $2,581
Half-day community hire: $1,807
Bump in / Bump out days: $774

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