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On-Shore Facilities

From food and water to fuel, accommodation and public toilets, find out what facilities are available.

Available facilities

Although arriving by boat gives you the freedom to explore the island’s bays with ease, you’ll still need to go ashore from time to time to grab supplies and refuel. And when you do, it is an opportunity to enjoy some land-based experiences, including dining, hiking, and island tours. Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is known for its postcard beaches and dappled green waters, but history and relaxation await on land — just organise a place to anchor and you’re free to roam.

Where to buy food

There are two options to buy groceries on the island. Both offer fresh fruit and vegetables, pantry staples, and pre-prepared meals. New stock arrives daily, and you can choose Click & Collect for those times you’re in a hurry.

  • Rottnest General Store. Located in the centre of Thomson Bay on Digby Drive and with an in-store liquor department. Open seven days a week. Opening hours are available on their website.
  • Geordie Bay General Store. Located on Hydroflyte Loop in Geordie Bay. A convenient pit stop for those arriving from the other side of the island. Also open seven days a week. Check the website for current opening hours.

Fuel and drinking water

Diesel, unleaded, and premium unleaded fuel are all available from the Fuel Jetty in Thomson Bay. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a self-serve system. Payment can be made by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or EFTPOS.

Small quantities of unleaded fuel and LPG are also available at the Geordie Bay General Store.

RIA recommends bringing your own water with you. But if you do need it, drinking water is available from:

  • The service pillar at the head of the Fuel Jetty. You need to bring your own hose, which has a standard domestic tap fitting.
  • Geordie Bay Jetty. A 20-metre hose reel is provided.

Please be respectful of other boaties and only take what water is necessary. And, as each of these spots are 20-minute loading zones, be sure not to stay too long.

Fuel Jetty
Fuel Jetty

Public toilets

Public toilets are available in various locations across the island, including:

  • Thomson Bay
  • The Basin
  • Longreach Bay
  • Geordie Bay
  • City of York Bay
  • Stark Bay
  • Narrow Neck
  • West End
  • Strickland Bay
  • Green Island
  • Parker Point
  • Kingstown Barracks

To see the public toilets on a map, visit

Getting around

There are no private vehicles on Wadjemup, so once you land, the best ways to get around are by walking, biking, or catching the bus. There are several bus tours and a hop-on hop-off bus that can take you anywhere you need to go on the island. Head to the Wadjemup / Rottnest Island website for the latest timetables.


After a hot day of salt spray and wind out on the water, it can be a relief to rest for the evening on dry land. If you’re looking to moor your boat and find some accommodation for a couple of nights, there’s plenty to choose from.

Choose a hostel or campground for a budget-friendly stay. The Stay Rottnest bungalows and cabins provide a nostalgic and historic experience. Or if you’re looking for a more luxury time on the island, be sure to check out Samphire Rottnest or Discovery Rottnest Island.

However if you’re visiting in summer, the accommodation will often be fully booked, so it is a good idea to anticipate your need for a night on land ahead of time.

How to spend your time on land

Despite being a small island, you can’t experience everything in a day. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your time on land. To find out more, head to the Wadjemup / Rottnest Island website and start planning your trip.

  • Wadjemup Museum. Learn the complex history of the island.
  • Wadjemup Lighthouse. The 38-metre ascent delivers a stunning view.
  • Rottnest Movies & Mini Golf. Enjoy nostalgia and family fun, all in one.
  • Hike the Wadjemup Bidi. Explore the natural wonders of Wadjemup on these hiking trails.
  • Go Cultural Aboriginal Tour. Deepen your understanding and heighten your appreciation of the island.

Reporting an issue

We want everyone who visits Wadjemup to enjoy their time here safely.

  • To report an issue with mooring facilities, contact Marine Administration on (+61 8) 9432 9320 (8:30 am to 4:30 pm AWST, Monday to Friday). Alternatively, email  [email protected].
  • To report an issue with island facilities such as toilets or showers, please contact the Visitor Centre on (+61 8) 9372 7730 (see current opening hours here)
  • If you have an issue with a mooring while on the island or require assistance from the rangers, contact (+61 8) 9372 9788 or Channel 16 call sign ‘Rottnest Rangers’.
More about boating safety and emergencies