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Island Business

Recreational Business Proposals

The steps to follow and selection criteria to apply for a recreational business on Rottnest Island.

Local businesses are an important part of the fabric of Rottnest Island

One of the key initiatives under the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2023-28 (RIMP) is to enhance the visitor experience on the island. New business offerings are considered via an annual call for Expressions of Interest which provides opportunities for new and exciting tourism offerings.

Having experienced recreational and leisure businesses, that align with the island quality and brand, operating on the island contributes to its success as a tourist destination and provides a broad range of fun and engaging activities and experiences that visitors of all ages and demographics can enjoy. 

Cicerello's Jet Adventures
Cicerello's Jet Adventures

What we look for

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) manage recreational and leisure businesses on the island via concession agreements. These include a wide range of activities such as water-based activities, guided tours, food and beverage offerings, adventure experiences, and an Aboriginal cultural walking tour. 

The 2024 Expression of Interest (EOI) is seeking new and exciting recreational businesses that bring a unique offering to the island. RIA is seeking concepts that will provide significant appeal to the diverse range of visitors coming to the island. Offerings must reflect the quality and richness of the island destination and be compatible with the island’s environmental and heritage values.

RIA is seeking  businesses in the following areas: 

  • Recreational activities and experiences 
  • Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Experiences
  • Peak Season Pop-Up at Heritage Common
  • Water Park/Activities at North Thomson Bay
Go Cultural Aboriginal Tours

Expressions of Interest for the 2024-2025 period are currently open

The current EOI for new recreational and leisure businesses on Rottnest Island is now open for submission. Submissions are to be lodged with McGees Property (RIA’s agents) by no later than 4 pm WST 1 May 2024. 
Visit the 2024 Recreational EOI website to register

How to apply to start a business on Wadjemup

Each year, we release an Expression of Interest (EOI) period that calls for proposals for new recreational, leisure and Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences.

Here is how to apply.

Preparing your application.

Ensure you detail why and how your business will contribute to the visitor experience on Wadjemup. Your application is required to address the evaluation criteria detailed within the Expression of Interest document.

Submitting your application

Once your application is ready, this is to be submitted by the close date provided. Submissions are to be detailed within the EOI document.

Evaluating your application

Once you submit your application, the evaluation panel will assess it against the evaluation criteria as detailed within the EOI document.,

Recent new business successes

Recent Recreational EOI rounds have seen a range of diverse new businesses begin operation on the island which have been embraced by visitors. For example, Cicerellos Jet Adventures, Simmos and Havza at The Basin, Boost Mobeel and Rottnest Water Taxi. We would love to see your business join them in their success.


This is not an offer, and nothing on this web page creates a contractual or other legal obligation by Rottnest Island Authority to any proponent.

We strongly urge that all proponents seek professional advice and to make your own prudent commercial enquiries before proceeding.

We reserve the right to decline any proposal in our absolute discretion and will not be liable to anyone for any costs incurred in relation to any proposal.

Late submissions will not be accepted.