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Commercial Vessels

Get all the information you need for Rottnest Island commercial vessels and permits.
The rules for entering Wadjemup’s waters as a commercial business


The crystal clear waters around Wadjemup / Rottnest Island aren’t just for small private boats. We welcome commercial vessels in a range of sizes to come and enjoy the island’s natural beauty.

Here are a few important things that you need to set up before you make the trip.

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What is considered a commercial vessel

A commercial vessel is any boat that’s being used for a commercial use. This could be for purposes such as:

  • Private charters
  • Corporate events
  • Commercial fishing trips
  • Diving or snorkelling tours
  • Government or research purposes

Registering your trip: Phone log-in

All commercial vessel operators are required to register every journey to Wadjemup with Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) using our phone log-in system.


You’re required to register your trip any time you enter the Rottnest Island reserve
Every commercial boat that enters the Rottnest Island marine reserve needs to register its trip. Whether you’re operating a commercial trip or using your commercial vessel for a personal visit, and even when you’ve applied for a Wadjemup / Rottnest Island Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) permit, you still need to log in to ensure your visit is registered.


How to register your trip

Contact our 24-hour Call Centre on (+61) 1300 724 093 or (+61 8) 9771 6186.

Have the following details ready when you call:

  • Date of your trip to the island
  • Duration of your stay in reserve (number of days)
  • Commercial vessel Unique Vessel Identifier (UVI)
  • Vessel name and company name
  • Skipper's name
  • Skipper's mobile phone number
  • Number of paying passengers

You’ll be asked about the activity being undertaken.

  • Water-based only. Passengers aren’t landing or disembarking the vessel onto the island. For example, you’re there for fishing, dive charters, or a water-based tour.
  • Landing. passengers are disembarking the vessel onto the island.
  • Private. Your vessel is not carrying commercial passengers  

You’ll then be given a call registration number that identifies each visit. The Rottnest Island rangers will also have these details. For compliance reasons, we may request log-book entries to confirm whether your visits were for private purposes or not.

For compliance reasons, we may request log-book entries to confirm whether your visits were for private purposes or not.

Applying for a DCV permit

While it isn’t mandatory to have a Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) permit, it does come with some benefits that make it worth your while.

The benefits

You get:

  • The option to pay for admission fees collected from passengers monthly via invoice.
  • Reduced admission fees for water-based activities, like diving, fishing, or tours where passengers don’t land on the island.


Permit fee

It costs $117.50 to apply for a DCV.

The following admission fees must be collected from passengers before the vessel reaches the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve. You’re then invoiced for these monthly.


(permit holders)
(all vessels)
Extended stay


How to apply for a DCV permit

Applying for a DCV permit is easy.

  • Head to the online  application for domestic commercial vessel permit 2023-2024  and fill in your details. The person filling out the form must be the registered owner of the vessel or company operating the vessel.
  • Once this is processed, you’ll receive a payment link. Head to this link and complete your payment.
  • Your permit is issued for the Rottnest Island boating season, which runs from 1 September to 31 August each year. 
  • Your company will receive a permit sticker in the mail.  

Your registration sticker

Commercial vessel operators who receive a DCV permit will get a green registration sticker to display on the port side of your vessel, which identifies you as an authorised permit holder. This must be clearly visible while within the limits of the island.

Getting a replacement sticker

If you lose your DCV permit sticker, or it becomes damaged, we’re able to replace it for you.

Simply submit an application for replacement to [email protected], pay a replacement fee, and we’ll send you a replacement sticker.

The sticker replacement fee is $25 per commercial vessel, which must be paid at the time of your application.



DCV Terms and conditions

As the operator of a commercial vessel, you’re required to comply with both commercial and general terms and conditions, and are bound by the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988 and Rottnest Island Act 1987.

Terms and conditions specific for commercial vessel operators

  • Prior to entering the Reserve, all Domestic Commercial Vessels (DCV) must log their visit with the RIA using the RIA commercial vessel log-on system.
  • You will also adhere to the Department of Transport “Ferry and Charter Boat Industry Code of Practice” and other terms and conditions as outlined in the RIA Application for Commercial Vessel Operating Permit form.
  • Admission fees apply for all passengers carried to Rottnest Island. Payment of the admission fees allows a vessel to anchor or pre-book public rental facilities online. It doesn’t allow use of any mooring in the Shared Mooring System or the colour coded casual access.
  • RIA reserves the right to refuse or cancel a Commercial Vessel Operating Permit application.

Be sure to read and familiarise yourself with both sets of terms and conditions before you start planning your trip.