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Fees and Charges

Learn about charges that apply when arriving on the island and specific fees for certain types of work.

All fees and charges

There are a range of fees and charges that may apply when visiting Wadjemup. These cover different aspects of your experience, from island entry fees, to boating licences, aerodrome use, and venue hire for events. These fees contribute to the provision of important facilities, services, and infrastructure on the island, ensuring visitors can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

You may be liable for the following fees and charges

Island admission fees

Valid from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024: 

Single day admission

  • Adult: $20
  • Child (4-12 years): $7
  • Family group*: $50

*A family group is considered two adults and two children. There are no admission fees for children under four years old.

Extended stay admission

An extended stay is classed as when you travel to and from the island on different days. This fee is valid for the duration of your visit.

  • Adult: $27
  • Child (4-12 years): $9
  • Family group: $61

Admission fees for boats

Annual admission pass for private boats

An annual admission pass is the most cost-effective method for regular boat trips to Wadjemup. This seasonal payment covers your vessel and all of its passengers for unlimited visits in lieu of individual daily admission fees.

These are the current annual admission sticker fees, valid from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.

  • Vessels up to and including eight metres: $350
  • Vessels longer than eight metres but less than 10 metres: $420
  • Vessels 10 metres or longer, but less than 15 metres: $490
  • Vessels 15 metres or longer, but less than 20 metres: $840
  • Vessels 20 metres or longer: $980

Note: A 50% discount is applied to all annual admission fees purchased after 1 April each year.

Mooring access fees

Valid from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024:  

  • Mooring fee for Authorised Users, charged per vessel metre: $59 per metre
  • Mooring fee for Licensees, charged per vessel metre: $116.50 per metre (min. charge $1,166.50)

Mooring administration fees

Valid from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024:  

  • Mooring exchange fee – to swap a licence between two current licensees in the same bay: $317
  • Application fee to get on the mooring site licence waitlist: $60
  • Replace a lost or damaged annual admission sticker: $25

Fees for charter operators

Annual permit fee for domestic commercial vessels: $117.50

Main Jetty berthing fees

Main Jetty berthing fees include an annual fee per rated passenger capacity, plus $67.

  • Vessels 18 metres or less: $8,676
  • Vessels greater than 18 metres but less than 35 metres, per metre: $482
  • Vessels 35 metres and over, per metre: $770

Learn more about boating


Rottnest Island Aerodrome fees

These fees apply to private aircraft only.

  • Aerodrome usage fee per landing – domestic aircraft: $60
  • Annual permit fee for aerodrome usage (includes admission fees) – domestic aircraft: $529.50

The annual fees do not apply to aircraft used to carry fee-paying passengers to or from Wadjemup.

All Rottnest Island airport billing is managed by Avdata Australia. For billing enquiries, please contact [email protected].

Event and location hire fees

  • Event application fee: $258
  • Licence fee: from $516

Additional requirements

  • RIA staff – during business hours: $119 per hour
  • RIA staff – per day: $893 per day (not including overnight allowances)
  • RIA vehicle – full day: $158 per vehicle
  • RIA vehicle – half day: $105 per vehicle

Location hire

Wadjemup has a range of public locations that can be hired for events.

  • Full-day community hire: $2,581
  • Half-day community hire: $1,807
  • Bump in / Bump out days: $774

Given its size, Wadjemup Oval has different fees for commercial hire.

  • Full-day commercial hire: $10,325
  • Half-day commercial hire: $7,228
  • Full-day community hire: $2,581
  • Half-day community hire: $1,807
  • Bump in / Bump out days: $774


A bond is set for all events to ensure restoration of any environmental damage. The bond will be returned 14 days after the event if no damage is found.

  • Environmental Preservation Bond: starts from $514

Other fees

Marine Gazettal Fee – for all events requiring water closures: $361

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Commercial filming fees

  • Application fee: $222
  • Drone application fee: $158
  • Photography filming fee – day visit: $280
  • Photography filming fee – every additional day: $187
  • Motion filming fee – day visit: $560
  • Motion filming fee – every additional day: $373

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