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Utility Reports

Read about the quality and standard of electricity and drinking water to the island.

Managing the island’s essential utilities


As a popular tourism destination in one of the sunniest cities in the world, it’s vital that Wadjemup / Rottnest Island has a safe supply of quality drinking water and electricity.  

The reports on this page detail the quality and standard of these essential utilities, and how their delivery and management is undertaken.  


Download electrical reports

Operating under the Electrical Supply Code of Conduct, electricity supply to the island ensures visitors can continue to enjoy their time on the island safely and securely.

Registered metering installation provider and electrical contractor

Programmed Facility Management (Licence number EC008521)

New electrical connections or relocations

Looking to connect power for commercial purposes or to relocate your electrical supply?

Find more information and application forms here

Download water reports

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) is licensed to supply drinking water quality on Rottnest Island, which integrates all the necessary management and assurance systems, underpinned by the Economic Regulation Authority's Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018.

Read about the processes and practices that govern how we establish and maintain a high level of drinking water quality.

Have feedback?

We want to ensure we’re doing the best we can to provide essential electricity and drinking water to the island. If you have concerns, we want to know. Download and fill out the following documents, and we will respond within 15 business days.