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Ground Disturbance Requests

The information you need to know before conducting ground disturbing works.

Apply for permission before conducting any ground disturbing works

In the course of undertaking events, construction or infrastructure works on the island, tasks like installing signs, inserting marquee tent pegs, or digging and shifting soil are common. However, given the nature of the island's environment, any ground-disturbing activities must be approved beforehand. 

Ground disturbances

Whether undertaking construction, or repairing or replacing infrastructure on the island, any work that requires disturbance of the ground needs approval prior to starting given the nature of the island’s environment. This is to ensure that the appropriate risk and environmental controls are in place and any potential impacts to environmental, cultural, and Aboriginal heritage sites are minimised.

How to apply

  • Submit a Ground Disturbance Request online. Ensure that you outline the level to which the ground will be disturbed, reasons for doing so, and control measures in place.
  • A risk-based assessment of your application will be undertaken and advice provided to you on the outcome. 
  • Please note that it can take up to 30 business days for written confirmation of your application.

Submit Ground Disturbance Request online.

Frequently asked questions

A ground disturbance is classified as removing, damaging, interfering with or marking any rock; or removing or displacing any soil within the limits of the island. This  does not apply to things done in reasonable use and enjoyment of the island such as digging in beach sand or inserting tent pegs, poles, or similar at the Stay Rottnest campground.
Any person or business found disturbing the ground without a permit will face a penalty and may be evicted from the island.

If you uncover Aboriginal artifacts or remains, you must:

  • Stop work immediately
  • Notify your Project Manager
  • Advise Rottnest Island Authority
  • Do not recommence works until permission is granted