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Where to find your anchor points, and what you need to know to do it safely.
Your guide to anchoring at Rottnest Island


Visiting Wadjemup / Rottnest Island by boat is something special. It’s a unique way to experience the Class A reserve and its rich marine life and ecosystems, that you don’t get if you just step foot on land.

But getting over to Wadjemup isn’t just a matter of arriving at the island. Knowing where to safely drop anchor, while maintaining the safety of the plant and sea life underneath the waves, has a big impact on how you enjoy your stay.

General guidelines

How to anchor safely

Anchoring your boat off Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is simple. Before dropping your anchor, check to make sure your boat is:

  • At least 50 metres from any mooring, jetty, or beach pen
  • Not obstructing or interfering with access to a mooring
  • Clear of reef, seagrass meadows, and navigation markers
  • Outside of any prohibited boating areas

What not to do

  • Boats must not be left unattended inside the marine reserve without a competent operator still available within the limits of the island.

Beach anchoring

Beach anchoring is allowed at Thomson Bay, Longreach Bay and Geordie Bay.

Protecting the land

When you are anchoring at the beach, please be careful. The marine environment that surrounds Wadjemup is unique, yet fragile, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, and help prevent damage to  the island and its ecosystem. 

Tips for safe anchoring

When anchoring your boat, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Bow and stern anchors are preferred.
  • Star pickets, or any item not specifically designed primarily for beach anchoring, are prohibited.
  • Beach anchoring isn’t recommended for craft over eight metres long.
  • Bury your anchor deep into the sand, as they can be a hazard to other beachgoers.
  • Anchoring parallel to the beach isn’t allowed. This limits the space for other users to anchor.
  • Temporary moorings aren’t permitted. You must remove all anchoring equipment every time your vessel leaves the anchorage.

Where to find your anchor points

There are 37 beach anchor points available. You can find 27 in and around Thomson Bay, five at the eastern end of Geordie Bay, and five at the eastern end of Longreach Bay.

You can find their locations using this interactive map and in the Marine and Boating Guide, or head to the Marine Maps page for more information.

On the shore, you’ll find two secure stern anchor points that you can use. However, ropes aren’t provided, so please remember to bring your own to secure your vessel at these beach anchor points.

Don’t forget to pay your admission fees

You still need to pay an admission fee before you can anchor within the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve.

How to pay your admission fees online