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Casual Moorings Use

As a mooring licensee or authorised user, you can access moorings across the island on a casual basis.

You can use licensed moorings on a casual basis

As the licensee of a mooring or authorised user, you are not locked into one designated mooring only. Licensees and authorised users can enjoy casual access to other moorings around the island under the Shared Mooring System (SMS). 

There is no extra charge: this casual mooring use is included in the fees you already pay.

Under the SMS, you are able to access any mooring on a casual basis The only thing you need to do is be available to move your boat if the licensee or authorised user assigned to the mooring asks you to, as they retain priority access to their designated mooring. 

How to use the Shared Mooring System

The SMS is designed to provide better access and greater flexibility for mooring licensees and authorised users looking for mooring points around Wadjemup / Rottnest Island.

Here is how it works.

  • You must display a current mooring site licence or an authorised user permit sticker to use the SMS. 
  • Mooring sites have colour-coded discs, and licensees and authorised users will receive a sticker that denotes the colour of the mooring they are able to access.
  • Boats using the SMS can access any vacant licensed mooring that features a coloured disc that matches their sticker. 
  • A competent operator must remain with the boat at all times.
  • If a licensee or approved user arrives to use their mooring, the casual user must move the boat immediately and let them use the site instead. If they fail to do so, they should contact the RIA security number provided on the boat’s sticker. 

What do the disc colours mean?

  • Red. Cannot be used for casual use.
  • Green. For boats up to and including 10 metres.
  • Grey. For boats up to and including 12 metres.
  • Purple. For boats up to and including 14 metres.
  • Blue. For boats up to and including 16 metres.
  • White. For boats larger than 16 metres.