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Contractors and Service Providers

The prerequisites, permits and fees for working on the island.
The essential information and necessary permits to undertake work on Wadjemup

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) oversees all operations on Wadjemup / Rottnest Island, which includes the work of contractors and service providers. Much like for visitors, RIA is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe workplace environment for all employees, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors working on the island. Importantly, RIA ensure all work conducted follows the necessary processes and protocols to ensure no detrimental impacts are caused to the island that we manage.

If you’re a contractor or service provider, you’ll find key information and guidelines here, which ensures that the work you carry out aligns with the applicable standards and regulations.

Included on this page

Guide for contractors

The Guide for Contractors outlines how all people working on the island must operate. It’s designed to ensure that all Occupational Safety, Health, and Welfare Acts, or industry equivalent codes and regulations, are adhered to, as well as any other associated legislation and standards to protect the safety, health, and welfare of all employees and the general public.


Expectations of safe work when on the island

  • Respect the visitors around you and where possible keep noise to a moderate level.
  • Improper, offensive, or indecent behaviour will not be tolerated at any time.
  • If visitors make a complaint about noise or behaviour from an individual or group that they consider offensive, action will be taken, including issuing an infringement notice.
  • Under Section 30 of the Rottnest Island Authority Act 1987, Rottnest Rangers and Police also have the authority to evict offenders from the island and the surrounding marine reserve for a period of seven days.

A checklist for planning your work on the island

Book an induction

Before starting work on Wadjemup, all contractors and consultants need to complete an induction. This should be done with at least 72 hours notice before starting work.

Your RIA point of contact will confirm the time and location for your induction. Please bring all necessary licenses and documentation with you to your induction for finalisation and review.

Complete all work permits

All contractors and consultants must liaise with their RIA Project Manager to determine which work permits are required for the job.

Read the Development Guidelines

We want to ensure that any development or construction undertaken on the island is managed using sustainability principles and technology to ensure it improves the site for future generations. As such, we’ve established a clear Development and Improvements Policy, as well as Guidelines, that provide private sector developers with a clear set of requirements to adhere to.

Any development on Rottnest Island must have Development Approval from RIA before it can proceed. Development Approvals will generally have further conditions which must be complied with. All contractors undertaking works on the island must ensure they are familiar with the conditions of the relevant Approval and comply with these at all times.

Where we have assessed works as not requiring a full Development Application, we may still stipulate conditions which must be complied with in relation to the works. This may include (but is not limited to) traffic management requirements and a Construction Management Plan.

Read the Development Policy and Guidelines

What to do when transporting personnel and supplies


As a contractor looking to get to Wadjemup to complete your work, please note that all ferry bookings are your responsibility. Ferry bookings can be made directly with Rottnest Island passenger ferry companies. The cost of ferry travel will be at your expense, unless alternative arrangements are made for admission fees and travel as part of your contract.


Much like personnel, transporting all goods and supplies is at your expense too. A commercial barge service operates to and from the island and can be used to transport large items like vehicles, equipment, and construction materials. For information and bookings, please contact:

Pelagic Marine Services
(+61 8) 9336 4200
(+61) 448 907 506

On the island, your supplies will be delivered by Programmed Facilities Management (PFM). Depending on the scope of the delivery, you can negotiate your service fee with the relevant Facilities Manager, who you can contact at:

Programmed Facilities Management
(+61 8) 9292 5233

Driving on Wadjemup

Vehicle use must be kept to an absolute minimum, and is strictly for work purposes only. If you do need to drive on the island, or bring a vehicle over for your work, you must hold a current valid driver’s licence, and fill out a Driving Permit Application.

Note that unless granted special permission, a permit to drive is only between 6 am to 6 pm.

Submit a Driving Permit Application

Safety and reporting

When undertaking your work, personal protective equipment must be worn at all times, and in accordance with Work Health and Safety laws and regulations. All incidents must be reported to your Project Manager immediately and managed in accordance with our Incident Reporting procedure.

Read about Hazards and Near-miss Reporting

Environmental management

All consultants and contractors working on Wadjemup must read, understand, and comply with the Environmental Policy 2018 and Biosecurity Guidelines 2019. If any environmental incidents occur, they must be reported to your Project Manager and managed as per the Incident Management procedure. A Hazard, Incident, or Near-miss Report must also be completed and submitted immediately.

Please respect the unique flora and fauna on the island. Vegetation of any kind cannot be cleared without permission. Refer to  your Project Manager for approvals to clear vegetation.

Native animals (including quokkas, lizards, and snakes) should not be handled, fed, or harmed. If you encounter native animals while conducting works, please contact the Rottnest Rangers on (+61 8) 9372 9788 and they can assist you.

Waste management

As the contractor undertaking the work, you’re responsible for all waste arising from the work. As such, it’s your responsibility to arrange for transport and disposal of waste to an appropriate facility on the mainland.

If undertaking a development, your organisation must provide and use separate bins to recover recyclable materials, both during construction and for subsequent ongoing operations. The nominated facilities manager, Programmed Facility Management, can provide waste services for a nominated fee. Works aren’t considered completed until you have removed and disposed of all waste appropriately.

Working with asbestos

A register of known asbestos sites on the island is available. Before undertaking work, all consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors must inspect this register, and read and understand the Asbestos Management Policy and standard operating procedures.

If your site is on the register, you must put together an Asbestos Management Plan which outlines the controls you have in place to ensure your work is undertaken in a safe manner, and submit this to Rottnest Island Authority.

Contact your Project Manager to find out what to do in the event that any asbestos is disturbed, or if you find asbestos that is not recorded in the register.


If you need to stay on Wadjemup overnight for work, you can book with one of the accommodation providers on the island.

Stay Rottnest - accommodation managed by Rottnest Island Authority

Stay Rottnest offers the largest and most diverse accommodation on the island, from budget options to large self-contained units. Demand for this accommodation is high, especially between September and April each year, and any school holidays and long weekends. All requests for accommodation as subject to availability and retail rates apply. All bookings are subject to the same terms and conditions as island visitors.

Visit for more information

For the comfort of all visitors please observe the quiet times as follows:

  • 11 pm to 7 am in all areas.
  • 9 pm to 7 am at the campground.
  • 9 pm to 9 am at Kingstown and Governor Circle.

Please be aware that Kingstown is an alcohol-free area. Alcohol may only be consumed in a licensed premise, or at accommodation in appropriate areas.

Find out more about island accommodation options

Fire and emergency services

Emergency and essential services

Whether you're a first-time visitor to Rottnest Island or a seasoned island contractor, being prepared for emergencies is paramount. Knowing who to call in case of an emergency and the locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) across the island can make all the difference. Here are the crucial numbers and information for essential services on Wadjemup.
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