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Domestic Commercial Vessel Permit Information and Conditions

1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024

All commercial vessel operators must register the details of each island visit via the Rottnest Commercial Vessel Log-on phone line prior to arrival, as detailed below.

Admission fees apply for all passengers carried to Rottnest Island. Payment of the admission fees allows a vessel to anchor or pre-book public rental facilities online at It does not allow use of any mooring in the Shared Mooring System or the colour coded casual access. Rottnest boating guidelines are available from our website are outlined including the current ‘Marine and Boating Guide’ including RIA Regulations and fishing guidelines.

Commercial vessels have two options for payment of admission fees for their passengers:

Option 1. Application and payment of the Rottnest domestic commercial vessel (DCV) operating permit fee:

Commercial vessels have the option to apply for a Rottnest DCV OPERATING PERMIT for $117.50. Permit holders will then be invoiced each month, and the applicable admission fees for each passenger is based on number of passengers carried and the activity type each visit.

Vessels with a Rottnest DCV permit have the advantage of:

  • paying admission fees for their commercial passengers after each visit, upon invoice from the RIA each month.
  • reduced admission fees for water-based activities such as diving, fishing or tours where passengers do not land on the island.

Once a permit sticker is issued for the vessel, skippers must register each visit using the phone log-on system detailed below. Note that:

  • If any passengers disembark onto the island, standard ‘landing’ admission fees apply for all vessel passengers carried for that visit.
  • All private voyages must pay admission fees separately per passenger either online or on arrival at the Visitor Centre each visit, or with a seasonal vessel admission pass.

Admission Fees

 Water Based
(permit holders)
(all vessels)

Extended Stay
Child (4-12 yrs)$5.50$7.00$9.00


Option 2. Not applying for a DCV operating permit:

Admission fees need to be paid separately online prior to each visit, or on arrival at the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre.

  • The skipper must also register each visit using the phone log-on system, as below.
  • Current standard individual admission fees per person for a day visit are listed above as the ‘landing’ and ‘extended stay’ rates. These are also as listed in our current Marine and Boating Guide and on our website.
  • Without a DCV permit, commercial vessel operators are not eligible for the reduced admission fees for ‘water based’ visits.

Commercial vessels entering the Rottnest Reserve without a Rottnest DCV permit will incur infringements if admission fees are not paid.

Rottnest Commercial Vessel Phone Log-On System

All domestic commercial vessels (permit and non-permit holders) must register each visit with the RIA phone log-on system prior to entering the Rottnest Reserve. All domestic commercial vessels must register all visits by phone, for all commercial and all private visits.

Register each visit prior to arrival by calling the RLSSWA Call Centre (24 hours) on 1300 724 093 or (08) 9771 6186.

A call registration number for each visit will be issued to identify each visit.

Each call will require the following details:

  • Date of visit and number of days vessel is staying in the Rottnest Reserve
  • Commercial vessel AMSA UVI 6 digit registration number
  • Vessel name and company name
  • Skipper’s name and mobile phone number
  • Number of passengers: adults and children (4-12 yrs inclusive). Do not include crew, and only if you are collecting passengers from the island should you record ‘zero’.
  • Activity being undertaken:
    • Water Based = not landing. No passengers disembark the vessel onto the island e.g. fishing, dive charters or tours.
    • Landing = any passengers disembarked the vessel onto the island.
    • Private = vessel is not operating under charter and carrying non-commercial passengers. The vessel operator must ensure the passengers pay admission fees separately to RIA as one group, either online prior to departure at the Visitor Centre upon arrival, or by displaying a valid RIA vessel admission sticker.

Rottnest Island permits are issued to commercial operators who wish to use the Rottnest Island Reserve (‘the Reserve’) to carry out their activities. As Rottnest Island is under the control and management of the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA), consent to enter the Reserve for such purpose is the sole discretion of the RIA.

Rottnest Commercial vessel permits are issued for period of 12 months from 1 September each year. Permit renewals will depend upon compliance with the permit conditions, the Terms & Conditions of vessel entry to the Rottnest Island Reserve (‘the Reserve’), the RIA Regulations and the RIA Act. The following conditions are specific to Domestic Commercial Vessels and the standard conditions of permits for commercial operations on Rottnest Island also form part of these conditions.

Special Conditions for Domestic Commercial Vessels

The permit holder:

a) must always clearly display the permit sticker on the vessel whilst in the Reserve.

b) ensures each skipper has registered the trip with the RIA via the approved method prior to the vessel entering the Reserve. For any vessel observed within the Reserve and not logged on, an infringement for this offence will be issued to the skipper of that vessel.

c) is not permitted to raft their vessel or allow another vessel to raft alongside their vessel whilst in the Reserve.

d) must ensure that all invoices issued for the payment of admission fees for their registered visits are paid to the RIA within the specified timeframe. Infringements will apply for any unpaid admission fees.

e) acknowledges that all persons entering the Reserve must pay the admission fees as prescribed in the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988 except for those persons directly associated with providing or managing the specified commercial operation. Failure to pay admission fees by the invoiced due date may result in modified penalties and DCV permit cancellation.

f) pays standard daily admission fees for all passengers if any passengers disembark the vessel, and for all passengers on non-commercial visits.

g) shall provide a Certificate of Currency completed by the insurer to confirm that the appropriate public liability cover is in place for an amount not less than $10 million, and ensure the cover is current for the term of the permit.

h) keep all noise to a moderate level and observe the quiet time on the Island between 11 pm to 7 am to respect the enjoyment all Rottnest Island visitors.

i) is responsible for the removal of all passengers carried by them into the Reserve.

j) is to ensure that any alcohol is only consumed whilst onboard their vessel and not in any public spaces.

k) is to ensure that their passengers do not act in such a way as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person or fauna, or engage in any offensive, indecent or improper conduct or behavior, including threating, abusive or insulting language.

l) is responsible for the removal of all waste from the Reserve resulting from their charter.

m) must provide copies of their vessel’s logbook on request and keep details of each visit to the Reserve including passenger numbers, specific areas of operation and the RIA call registration number for each visits phone registration.

n) return the permit sticker on sale of the vessel, or as requested by the RIA. The permit fee is not refundable.

Standard Conditions of Rottnest Island Permits

  1. The permit holder shall indemnify and hold indemnified the RIA and its officers, agents and employees against any claim by any person for damage to property or injury to persons arising out of or as a consequence of or incidental to the conduct of the specified activity.
  2. The permit holder will in no way hold the RIA responsible for any damage to their property or for any personal injuries to themselves or to any other person associated with them in the specified activity on Rottnest Island. 
  3. The permit holder accepts full responsibility for any damage caused to any property of the RIA resulting from the conduct of the specific activity and will effect without delay repairs to such damage to the satisfaction of the RIA. 
  4. The permit holder shall ensure that all persons associated with the specified activity shall comply with the provisions of the Rottnest Island Authority Act 1987 and the Rottnest Island Regulations 1988.
  5. The permit holder shall comply with any directions given by an officer of the RIA in relation to the activity.
  6. It is the responsibility of permit holders to read and understand the information and requirements detailed in the ‘Contractors Guide to Working on Rottnest Island’, available on RIA website.
  7. Where the term of any license, authority or approval relevant to the permit expires prior to the permit expiry date, evidence of renewal is necessary to cover the full term of the permit and to be forwarded to the RIA. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of the permit.
  8. The permit holder must comply with all conditions of this permit. Any non-compliance constitutes a breach of conditions and is grounds for suspension or cancellation of the permit.
  9. The permit is not transferrable. Where a permit is cancelled, no refund of the permit fee will apply.