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Jetty pens If you’re bringing a lot of luggage onto the island, or you just don’t want to walk far,, a jetty pen is the perfect location to moor your boat overnight., How to book a jetty pen Booking a jetty pen is just as simple as booking any other mooring., Find an available jetty pen. Book your mooring., Mooring lines aren’t provided at any of our jetty pens, so please remember to bring your own ropes to

• Yo u n e e d to supply your own mooring lines for all jetty pens., • Any vessel using a jetty pen when winds exceed 25 knots do so at their own risk., Rental Moorings and Jetty Pen Fe es Rental mooring and pen fees below do not include admission fees., Pen 7 . 5 m $ 1 9 . 5 0 $ 4 3 . 5 0 $ 5 0 . 5 0 $ 5 1 . 5 0 Fuel Jetty Pen Large 16m $27.00 $55.50, $69.00 $71.00 Hotel Jetty Pen 8m $27.00 $55.50 $69.00 $71.00 Swing Mooring

Friday) [email protected] Rottnest Island Authority Accommodation Bookings (Moorings, Jetty, Pens and Accommodation) Bookings for marine rental facilities, accommodation and individual admission

permitted for anchoring, beach anchoring, and the hire of boating facilities, like swing moorings, jetty, pens, and beach pens.

REPORT 2020-21 36 Rental boat moorings RIA offers rental boat moorings (a mix of swing moorings, jetty, pens and beach pens) for Island visitors in Thomson Bay, Geordie Bay and Longreach Bay.

Rental Boat Moorings RIA offers rental boat moorings (a mix of swing moorings, jetty pens and beach