Management Strategies

The RIA has developed a number of Management Strategies and Plans which operate within the over-arching RIMP and further define measures for the Island's success.

Strategic Plan 2020-24

The Strategic Plan 2020-24 identifies how RIA will deliver on the key initiatives identified in the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24 (PDF 3MB) and also includes provision for new initiatives that may be developed during the period of the RIMP that support or complement the objectives outlined under each of the RIMP focus areas.

This Strategic Plan is important as it reflects the new ways of thinking about our role, and doing our work, that are embedded in the new RIMP.  We have recently redefined our values as an organisation and these too will be reflected in what we do and how we do things as we go forward.

We have grouped our statutory functions into activities to give us improved visibility on how we can improve our efficiency and effectiveness in delivery.

Download the Strategic Plan 2020-24 (PDF 2MB)

Island Gateway Design Vision

The Island Gateway Design Vision 2020 (PDF 9.5MB) has been developed with reference to the Rottnest Island Management Plan (RIMP) 2020-2024 and outlines four strategic focus areas: 

  1. Diversify the visitor base and enhance visitor experience
  2. Strengthen Island infrastructure and services
  3. Engage with, promote and preserve the Island’s environment and cultural heritage, with a focus on Aboriginal cultural heritage, and 
  4. Establish a new way of doing business

Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA)

The Rottnest Island Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA) detail emergency management measures and provide specific information on planning for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery on Rottnest Island. Find the Local Emergency Management Arrangements here.