Recreational Business Proposals

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) runs an annual expression of interest (EOI) calling for proposals for new recreational business activities.

The 2021 EOI was released on 23 April 2021 and closed on 3 June 2021.

All new business proposals must be submitted via RIA’s managing agent, Burgess Rawson, who can be contacted for initial enquiries. Primary contact details are as follows:

Graeme Perry
+61 8 9288 0249

Proposals should give consideration to how the business aligns with the strategic vision for the Island; applicants are encouraged to refer to the following documents for guidance:

 - Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-2024 (PDF 3MB)
 -  20 Year Master Plan 2019 (PDF 7MB)

Proposal should also give consideration to logistics of operating a business on Rottnest Island and make appropriate enquiries with key service providers including but not limited to:   

Ferry Services 

  • Rottnest Express:+61 8 9335 6406 (B-Shed, Victoria Quay Fremantle) or +61 8 9430 5844 (Northport Rous Head)
  • Rottnest Fast Ferries: +61 8 9246 1039 (Hillarys Boat Harbour)
  • SeaLink Rottnest Island: 1300 QUOKKA or 1300 786 552 (B-Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle)

Barge Services and Marine Facilities 

  • Pelagic: +61 8 9336 4200 (Mews Road, Fremantle)

Moorings/pens will only be allocated if it is required for the safe operation of the proposed business.

In the event that a mooring or pen facility is approved as part of the operation of a proposed business, it is an express provision of any licence agreement that there is no private use of any such provided facility. Fees will apply.

Environmental considerations on the Island

Island Resources and Energy Conservation

Water and power are scarce resources on Rottnest Island.  Business proposals requiring significant access to and supply of these resources may face additional costs associated with provision of these services. 

Successful proponents will be expected to actively commit to water and energy conservation with customers and ensure staff awareness of these issues through appropriate training.

Waste Minimisation

Effective waste management policies on Rottnest Island are critical to the future of the Island as a holiday destination Class A Reserve.

Business proposals should seek to minimise the amount of waste produced during their operations. Proposals should consider waste removal from the Island wherever possible.

Important Notices and Disclaimers

  • This is not an offer and nothing in this document creates a contractual or other legal obligation by the RIA to any proponent. 
  • All proponents are strongly urged to seek professional advice and to make their own prudent commercial enquiries before proceeding. 
  • RIA reserves the right not to accept submissions for business proposals, which are not aligned with the RIMP or any other reason.
  • Once an operation start date has been agreed with a proponent, and they fail to commence by that date without reasonable grounds, RIA reserves the right to withdraw the approval with immediate notice.