To view or download the required forms and applications to undertake scientific research on Rottnest Island, please see below.

Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve comprised of unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems, with a variety of vegetation associations that provide significant habitat to genetically distinct, conservation listed and migratory fauna species. Rottnest supports a diverse natural environment with ideal conditions for investigating a wide range of ecological, social, cultural, sustainable and economic issues.

The RIA will review proposals from interested parties to conduct research within the Reserve. Potential projects may be undertaken by school group research, research-related undergraduate field trips, individual, Honours and Postgraduate candidates. Research partnerships with institutions specialised in research and conservation are encouraged to propose research projects and arrange partnership and co-investment with the RIA.

Conducting Research on Rottnest Island

If you wish to conduct research on Rottnest Island, or carry out your own research for educational purposes, you will need to fill out the appropriate application and indemnity form in order to obtain a research permit. All flora and fauna is protected within the Rottnest Island Reserve, and if your research is extractive or potentially damaging in any way, you will require a Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW – previously DEC) licence (forms are available below).

Permits can be obtained by downloading the application and indemnity forms, submitting them at least four weeks prior to your intended visit via email only to the Research Program Officer with research permits issued subject to conditions of the Rottnest Island Act and Regulations.

If you require the use of the vehicle on the Island a separate driving permit needs to be obtained. Accommodation for researchers is also available. Please view the forms below for further details.