Scheduled Works & Service Improvements

Works and service improvements are conducted periodically across Rottnest Island. 

A range of projects are currently underway to refresh and revitalise Rottnest Island facilities. These works aim to enhance the visitor experience and to preserve the Island long term. 

Please refer to this list for updates on planned works taking place and how they may impact your visit.

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Last reviewed: 27 April 2021

  • Island Gateway Stage 1 | May to September

    Location: Settlement Mall, Heritage Common and surrounding areas
    Commencing: Early May 2021
    Completion: September 2021


    The Island Gateway project will upgrade mall infrastructure and improve congestion issues by activating the full extent of the mall and surrounding areas with a focus on shade, seating, and family amenities. Works will comprise repaving, installation of new furniture including bike racks, tables, seating, and shade elements. Plans are in place to minimise the impact for visitors, businesses, and residents.

    Businesses will remain open during the construction with safe access in place via fenced-off pedestrian walkways.

    Read more about this project here.

  • West End Redevelopment Stage 2 | March to May

    Location: West End
    Commencing: March 2021
    Completion: May 2021


    Access to the West End will be restricted from February to April 2021 to support Stage 2 of the West End redevelopment. These works include the construction of a transport hub, new bus turnaround area, shelters, seating and landscaping. These works will improve the facilities in the area and provide an enhanced visitor experience with the inclusion of heritage and environmental interpretation, a bus stop prescient and connect the Wadjemup Bidi series of walking trails.

    Stage 1 construction of permanent public toilets was completed in November 2020.

    Read more about this and other National Tourism Icons projects here.

  • Wadjemup Lighthouse Maintenance & Conservation Works | October to July

    Location: Wadjemup Lighthouse 
    Commencing: October 2020
    Completion: July 2021


    Wadjemup Lighthouse is currently closed for maintenance and repairs.

  • South Thomson Accommodation Upgrade| May to June

    Location: Units 212 to 221, Rottnest Island Authority Accommodation, South Thomson
    Commencing: May 2021
    Completion: Early June 2021


    Selected Rottnest Island Authority accommodation units in South Thomson will receive upgrades of courtyards. A partial road closures of McCallum Avenue and Vlamingh Way will be in place.

    Visitors may also experience noise from the construction. Fencing and signage will be in place to assist visitors.

  • Stark Memorial Relocation | April to May

    Location: Stark Bay and Island Gateway Area
    Commencing: Late April 2021
    Completion: Late May 2021


    Stark Memorial will be relocated from it’s current location in front of the Salt Store to its namesake Bay. Fencing will be in place for the construction site but there will be minimal impact for pedestrians.

  • Museum Gardens Amphitheatre Concrete Capping | April

    Location: Wadjemup Museum Sculpture Garden
    Commencing: 27 April 2021
    Completion: 30 April 2021


    Concrete capping to be installed onto the amphitheatre and curved seating at the Wadjemup Museum Sculpture Garden. Restrictions to traffic along Kitson Avenue will be in place for a short period during this time.

  • Wadjemup Hill Electrical Works | April to June

    Location: Wadjemup Hill
    Commencing: Late April 2021
    Completion: Late June 2021


    Electrical upgrade works are planned for Wadjemup Hill between April and June 2021. The works will have an impact on the surrounding area including construction fencing and noise associated with the works

  • Airport Runway and Terminal Electrical Works | April to June

    Location: Airport runway and Airport terminal building
    Commencing: March 2021
    Completion: June 2021


    Maintenance works will take place at the Rottnest Island airport between March and June 2021. The airport will remain operational during this time.

  • Digby Drive Water Mains Upgrades | May to June

    Location: Digby Drive (Water Pump Station adjacent to the intersection with Boreham Way)
    Commencing: Early May 2021
    Commencing: June 2021


    Upgrades are scheduled for the water infrastructure at the Digby Drive Water Pump Station. There may be disruption to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on Digby Drive.

  • Main Roads WA Drainage Upgrades | May

    Location: The Settlement and Geordie Bay
    Commencing: May 2021
    Completion: To be advised


    Installation of a number of soak wells and strip drains in North Thomson and Geordie Bay. Impacts include presence of equipment and vehicles on the roads in this location during the work.

  • Karma Rottnest Sewer Connection Upgrade | April to May

    Location: Kitson Road
    Commencing: April 2021
    Completion: To be advised


    Upgrade of sewer connection to Karma Rottnest. Works include excavation and increased vehicle activity in the area.