City of York Bay

Protected from prevailing winds with a 300m long sandy beach and shallow waters, City of York Bay offers a highly desirable location for a satellite campground along the recently developed Wadjemup Bidi walk trail.

Project description

The Rottnest Island Master Plan (20 Year Vision) identifies a location for a low-impact ecotourism venture at the bay with the aim to diversify and add to the Island’s accommodation offerings.

The project is designed to provide enhanced visitor experiences and further reveal the natural attractions and heritage features of the bay, as well as enable future business opportunities such as walking tours with cultural experiences. 

Options are currently being explored for future facilities that will accommodate low impact, overnight camping.

Project key features

Key elements of the project may include:

  • A satellite campground along the Wadjemup Bidi walking trail,
  • Camping eco-decks and boardwalks raised above the natural landscape,
  • Enhanced facilities including camp kitchen and ablutions,
  • An overnight experience linked to exploration of the Wadjemup Bidi walking trails,
  • Future business opportunities to operate walking tours with cultural experiences, and
  • Aboriginal employment opportunities including roles such as tour guide and camp host.

Estimated Project Completion

December 2020



City of York Bay


This project has been made possible by funding from the Australian Government and the State Government of Western Australia.

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