Vision for Rottnest Island

Section seventeen of the Rottnest Island Authority Act 1987, requires the Rottnest Island Authority to control and manage Rottnest Island in accordance with a management plan.

Sections eighteen and nineteen of the Act provide for the management plan to be reviewed and approved by the Minister for Tourism every five years.

The Island's unique heritage, landscapes and biodiversity are the very values that attract visitors to the Island. A longer term (twenty year) vision document, the Rottnest Island Master Plan, has been develop in order to maintain and enhance these values and guide the way forward for the Island.

The Rottnest Island Management Plan (2020-24): Delivering on the Vision for Rottnest Island

The Rottnest Island Management Plan for 2020-24 has now been finalised, with statutory approval granted by the Minister.

The RIMP 2020-24 sets out the Rottnest Island Authority’s priorities for the next five years in managing the Island and its associated waters.

It expires on December 31, 2024.

More than 60 submissions were received when the draft RIMP was released for public consultation last year. An analysis and summary of the submissions can be viewed here (PDF 102kb).

Click below to view the Rottnest Island Management Plan:

Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24 cover

The Rottnest Island Master Plan: A 20 Year Vision for the Island

In 2014, the architecture, design and urban planning group HASSELL was commissioned to produce a 20-year master plan for the island.

The main aim of the master plan is to develop a direction for the future and a road map for the development of the places and spaces of Rottnest Island.

The master plan has recently been updated for public release in conjunction with the drafting of the Rottnest Island Management Plan 2020-24, and provides a renewed vision for the period to 2040. The revised master plan incorporates updates to proposals and strategic directions that have emerged through a process of review by the Board, and a staff workshop.

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Cover of the Rottnest Island Master Plan