Recreational fishers allowed restricted access to Rottnest Island waters

Parakeet Bay

Recreational fishers who have crayfish pots set in waters off Rottnest Island will be granted restricted access to the area's exclusion zone to collect their equipment, under supervision from Rottnest Island Authority rangers.

Access for recreational fishers will be dependent on weather conditions and ranger availability.

Fishers are permitted to access the exclusion zone for the purpose of retrieving their equipment only - with no further fishing or other recreational activity allowed.

Recreational fishers wishing to collect equipment are required to register with Rottnest Island Authority rangers by:

  • Calling 9372 9788 or
  • By email to

Disembarking on the island itself is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply is punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 for individuals. 

Rottnest Island and its surrounding waters have been off limits to the public since March 25, with the island being utilised as part of the State's response to COVID-19.  

"This exemption will allow recreational fishers who have pots set in waters around Rottnest an opportunity to retrieve them,” Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said.

"We remind those who wish to take up this opportunity that access is solely for the purpose of retrieving equipment."

More information is available in the joint media statement by the Ministers for Tourism and Fisheries.